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Diminutive, proud & almighty

NuPrime uDSD review.

Small device - short review. Actually it's second device from american brand NuPrime
which fell in my hands. Absolute madness. I mean: such features for such ridicoulus money!
And every my meeting to NuPrime products only increases the rate of company in my eyes.
When I will complete my Saga regarding their Power Amps I suspect medical assistance of ophthalmologist will be required! Rate of NuPrime brand will overlap the size of my eyepits and can't ignore this rised problem anymore. Sure, I'm kidding! But if seriously - I've been shocked.

In the beginning sound was predictably unbroken-in: flat, bored, cutting-the-ears on high frequencies and wishy-washy in low band.

 But 7 days of non-stop playback made his black magik. Yeah, it's not any mistake/misprint. Magik.

Upper part of body proudly shows name and logo of brand.

 There is one more snapshot: uDSD near 2 boxes with matches. Quite miniature, neh?

But the biggest revelation happened when I took portable cable for my reference headphones HiFiMan HE1000. This small box could control such difficult loading. Ok, not perfect, not on level of my stationary HeadAmp, but take a look on the price tag!!!

First panel has 2 light indicators. During playback of musical files in format PCM upper indicator of green light works, when DSD files are thrown into the throat of software player - blue.

 This diminutive piece of thing can play almost all modern formats (except DSD512 and MQA).

 Device can be used as pocket heater during cold season, thus NuPrime could bravely write in ads and manual that their product is "3 in 1". Oooops, sorry, I forgot! This slogan is already used.

- price tag. Peacrazynuts. Competitors are dying like after massive nuclear bombing;
- dimensions and weight. It can become rather critical if you are traveller. Should I remind you
last dances on the baggage in the hotel room when your taxi already waits you outside and only 2 hours are remained to flight???

- uDSD is able to drive Monster-Phones;
- playback of almost all audio formats. uDSD can really surpise you even on quite expensive Hi-End equipment;
- great resolution.

Sweetest pro:
MSRP is 179 USD.

- device doesn't support DSD512 (other name - QuadDSD). But it's not so actual, most of existed DSD records are in 64-256 limits;
- mp3 files will be non comfortable for your ears. Solution is simple - don't feed your small audiofriend by  sh*t;
- clicks on HF. I couldn't find reason, I just may only state the facts: I've heard clicks in the beginning and in the end of every tracks during playback of DSD files. Probably it's problem of Bug Head Emperor player, version 7.48.

All above mentioned minuses should be taken into account only strictly using mantra. And the mantra here is MSRP.


    24-bit/384kHz and native DSD 256 support
    Discrete USB audio receiver and D/A converter, with coaxial S/PDIF (24bit/192kHz) output
    Coaxial output can also stream DoP (DSD64) for long distance transmission of DSD from computer
    Asynchronous transfer mode for doubled jitter-reduction at data input and over-sampling filter stages
    High-performance headphone amplifier (balanced design)
    High voltage 2V analog output (fixed volume direct DAC output)
    Coaxial S/PDIF output
    High-quality analog volume control
    Diminutive size
    USB powered, no external power supply required
    Works with Windows XP/7/8 and Mac OS.


        USB 1.1, 2.0 compatible.
        Analog Stereo RCA Out.
        Digital Coaxial Out.
        Headphone Amplifier Out (3.5 mm-jack socket).
    USB sampling rates: 44.1,48,88.2,96,176.4,192,352.8, 384KHz and DSD 2.8,5.6,11.2MHz.
    Bit resolution: 16-24-bits.
    Output: Analog RCA 2V rms (DAC out).
    Headphone output: max 140mW x 2 @ 32 ohm.
    Dynamic range: 98dB.
    S/N ratio: 112 dB.
    THD+N < 0.01%.
    Power: USB-Bus powered, 150mA/5V.

Test compilation of PCM files (FLAC)

1. Rex tremendae (Mozart - Requiem KV 626 - Philippe Herreweghe - La Chapelle Royale -       Collegium Vocale - 1996 – Harmonia Mundi)
2. Tuba mirum (Mozart - Requiem KV 626 - Philippe Herreweghe - La Chapelle Royale - Collegium Vocale - 1996 – Harmonia Mundi)
3. Con Te Partiro (Andrea Bocelli - Romanza (XRCD))
4. Manha De Carnaval (Susannah McCorkle - Most Requested Songs – Concord)
5. Koni Priveredlivye (Vladimir Vysotsky - Izbrannoe (1974-75) - Melodiya)
6. Mercy Street (Peter Gabriel - So - Geffen Records)
7. Hotel California (Eagles - Hell Freezes Over - XRCD)
8. Tlon ( Nils Petter Molvaer – Khmer – ECM)
9. Growing Up (Peter Gabriel – Up – Real World)
10. Marche au supplice (Berliner Philharmoniker · Herbert von Karajan - Berlioz - Symphonie fantastique · La Damnation de Faust – Danses – Deutsche Grammophone)
11. Carmen Fantaisie ( Ruggiero Ricci – LSO – Pierino Gamba – Carmen Fantaisie – XRCD24)
12. Wherever I May Roam (Metallica – 1991 - Elektra)
13.  The Sound of Perseverance (Death - The Sound of Perseverance - Nuclear Blast)
14. Killing Strangers (Marylin Manson - The Pale Emperor - Cooking Vinyl, Loma Vista Recordings).

Test compilation of DSD files

1. Vaquero (Tiny Island - Opus3 DSD Showcase 1) DSD64
2. Nun kommt der Heiden Heiland (The Erik Westberg vocal ensemble & Mattias Wager - Opus3 DSD Showcase 1) DSD64
3.  Mahler Symphony No.1 finale session (Channel Classics) DSD256
4. A Time For Love (Valerie Joyce - Blue Coast Special Event 25) DSD64.

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